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Requirements of the role

Director of Energy Systems Management and Security

The post-holder will play a pivotal role at the heart of the energy system to prepare it to meet net zero targets for 2035 and 2050. They will lead Ofgem’s work in setting up and regulating effective institutional and governance arrangements for whole-system planning at both the national and regional levels (including the creation and regulation of the Future System Operator and regional system planners); the reform of wholesale markets and network charging arrangements to minimise the costs of the net zero transition for consumers; the development of markets for flexibility at both the retail and wholesale levels; and the fair distribution of infrastructure and system costs across households and businesses through network and system charges on bills.

Director of Network Price Controls

The post-holder will lead Ofgem’s work in carrying out periodic price reviews for all onshore energy networks including gas and electricity. The next price reviews for the gas and electricity transmission and gas distribution sectors are due by April 1, 2026. The objective is to facilitate the investment required to meet net zero targets, while ensuring that network companies deliver a high quality of service; maintain a reliable and resilient network; and deliver good value for money for consumers.

Director of System Planning, Grid Connections & Technology

The post-holder will lead a team of economists, engineers, data scientists, technologists and policy professionals to oversee the production of integrated spatial plans for the future energy system, which enable the proper co-ordination of generation, storage and network infrastructure to meet net zero targets for 2035 and 2050. Alongside this, they will lead the reform of grid connection arrangements so that the queue for grid connections is managed efficiently and in line with system plans; viable projects can connect when ready; and projects needed to meet net zero targets do not face connection delays. Finally, the post-holder will lead the development of enabling regulations to create a digital, open and secure energy system, maximising the benefits for consumers from new technologies and innovation.

Director of Major Projects

The post-holder will lead the delivery of the entire infrastructure build programme for the 2035 and 2050 net zero targets. This includes the onshore network upgrades; the offshore network upgrades; and setting up new regulatory regimes to enable the investment in low carbon assets (hydrogen; carbon capture; and new nuclear) through the low carbon RAB programme. It will also include senior representation with Government and industry on other enablers such as planning reform and supply chain management and capacity. Finally, the post-holder will develop and deliver models for competitive delivery of network infrastructure through the CATO and OFTO build programmes.

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