AI Workshop

Published: 24th April 2024

On Wednesday the 10th of April, UKRN facilitated our first AI workshop for IT Directors and COOs, kindly hosted by The Takeover Panel at their London office and chaired by Caroline Gregory, Director of IT, Digital and Estates at Ofwat.

Ariel view of planet with constellation grid

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss AI approaches for both internal guidance and external policy, for firms across the sectors that our members regulate.

The session was well attended, with engaging dialogue across a range of discussion points, including government and industry overview, legislation, opportunities and challenges and incorporating AI guidance into departmental strategies.

The departments all committed to continue to sharing knowledge and how they are implementing AI.

Iain McGregor, Innovation Director for the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA), delivered a very informative presentation on their internally developed AI tool, which streamlines the auditing process of central government departments.  The tool very quickly analyses and summarises data in a concise format and the group noted possible benefits of use, from within their respective organisations.

We would very much like to thank Iain for his time and the IT Directors will look to re-convene towards the end of the year, to review progress and any responses to external calls to action from Government.