The UKRN is a network group formed of 17 UK regulators

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The UKRN brings together a broad range of UK regulators, for the benefit of consumers and the economy.  We were established by our members in 2014 and have developed strong relationships and a culture of collaboration and learning.  We work together to share knowledge and innovation, explore cross-cutting issues and build better ways of working.

How we work

The UKRN facilitates cooperation and communication across its members in a wide range of ways.

  • We bring together colleagues from member regulators to deliver projects which consider common issues across the sectors we regulate.
  • We liaise with government and external stakeholders to inform and contribute to policy debates and cross-sector issues affecting multiple regulators.
  • We facilitate networks, which foster links across our members and provide expert input into our projects and work areas.
  • We facilitate events and discussions of topical issues with external audiences and in collaboration with partners. In the past, these topics have included consumer policy, investment, innovation, infrastructure and the role of independent regulation.


The UKRN is a member organisation, formed by 17 of the UK’s sectoral regulators.

The strategy of the UKRN is determined by the CEOs Strategy Group, which includes all member regulators. This meets twice a year, in September and March. It is responsible for providing strategic leadership and agreeing the strategic direction of the UKRN.

The forward work programme is determined by the CEOs Sub-Committee, which includes full member regulators only. This meets in June and December and is responsible for realising the strategy, implementing effective decision-making and accountability, including: agreeing and overseeing UKRN projects; considering membership criteria and growth of the UKRN; focusing on common challenges, risks and opportunities relating to monopoly and retail economic regulation; and appointing the UKRN Chair.

The UKRN staff

The UKRN has a small staff seconded from our member regulators. Our current staff members are:

Chris Hemsley

Managing Director, Chris Hemsley, joined the PSR in November 2018 as Head of Policy and Strategy. In April 2019, he became co-Managing Director, before being appointed as Managing Director in September 2019.

Chris has extensive experience working for UK regulators. He joined the PSR following his role as Deputy Director of Railway Markets and Economics and Chief Economist at the Office of Rail and Road.

Previously, Chris led the implementation of the UK government’s new support scheme for large-scale renewable electricity generation and before that, led the Civil Aviation Authority’s work on competition and consumer protection.  

Attricia Archer
UKRN Director

Attricia Archer

I have worked in the financial services regulation for 29 years with 25 years with the financial regulator. I have worked in various types of firm supervision at the FCA and I have considerable experience in the financial sector together with various financial qualifications. ​ In the last 6 years I have worked in strategic policy focusing on consumer vulnerability.

On moving to the UKRN I was the Director of  Consumer Vulnerability for a year before taking on the role of UKRN Director which I currently undertake. This role has given me a cross sector insight to regulation and strategy in our member regulators as well as focusing heavily on high level strategic government stakeholders.

Careyann Jacques
UKRN Manager

Careyann has worked in the aviation industry for 14 years with operational roles at both Gatwick and Edinburgh Airports and more recently at the CAA. 

She has a broad perspective of aviation through her aerodrome experience in airfield, terminal and security operations and more recently at the CAA enabling the delivery, embedding and continuous development of SARG’s (Safety and Airspace Regulation Group) transformation to risk and performance-based regulation, across all aviation capabilities.

Joining the UKRN in January 2021 on secondment, Careyann drives the Cost of Capital agenda and is working on emerging issues with the Cyber Security Network.

Lewis Behan
UKRN Manager


Lewis joined the UKRN in October 2022 on secondment from the ICO, Lewis has significant experience in data protection complaints and regulatory supervision.

In addition to handling sensitive data protection cases Lewis has also recently led on the Regulatory Supervision Project, which created new processes for various departments in the ICO.

Lewis is excited to be supporting the UKRN in its work on Vulnerability, the Cost of Living and Data Strategy.

Kevin Smith
UKRN Manager


Kev has worked in the financial services sector since 1985 and has previously spent 13 years at the FSA and FCA where he recently joined us from, having undertaken a secondment at UKRN between 2019-2021. Kev has also worked in the insurance industry and the banking sector for two decades.

In his time at the FCA, Kev has been the FCA relationship manager within the Data Division with the Bank of England and PRA, has worked in the consumer partnerships team, supporting consumers across the UK and more recently has been in the policy area working on the Diversity and Inclusion agenda. 

Kate Mitchenall
UKRN Manager

Kate Mitchenall

Kate joined UKRN in January 2021 after working at The Pensions Regulator for just under 8 years.

Kate enjoyed varied roles at TPR starting as an Intelligence Analyst, then moving to Service Delivery supporting the role out of Automatic Enrolment. 

More recently Kate lead a workstream in the implementation of an internal transformation programme and her latest role was working with external partners and stakeholders in the early stages of the delivery of the Pensions Dashboard. Prior to working at TPR, Kate worked at Sussex Police as an Intelligence Analyst.

Kate now leads the D&I work at UKRN as well as facilitating a variety of networks for example Lawyers, and Research.

Nicole Trinder
UKRN Business Support Manager

Nicole joined UKRN in January 2020, supporting the team to move forward with the current work plan and key project areas, arranging network meetings and associated papers. Nicole also supports the HR Directors and associated working groups, including future ways of working and pay and reward. 

With a background in learning and development, Nicole will also support the shared training network, responsible for developing bespoke learning initiatives across our members.

Charley Grady-Pearce
UKRN Manager


Charley is joining UKRN from the Pensions Regulator on secondment until October 2023.

Charley brings with her a wealth of experience across a number of regulatory & stakeholder roles such as a Case Manager, Supervisor and most recently as the Executive Assistant to the CEO & Chair.

During my time at UKRN I am most looking forward to working with a range of valuable stakeholders to share best practice and experience across our regulatory community.

Makedah Simpson
UKRN Manager

Makedah joined the UKRN in January 2024 on secondment from the Civil Aviation Authority where she was working within the Consumer and Markets Group.  

She has broad experience having worked across policy, project and commercial roles within the fields of Economic Regulation, Consumer Protection (in Energy and Health) and Accessibility. 

Makedah is excited to work with UKRN’s stakeholders and to continue the great work that is already being conducted across the regulatory community.

The UKRN Expert Panel

The UKRN Expert panel consists of four independent advisors who hold expertise in different fields. The Expert Panel advises the CEOs groups and also provides feedback and challenge to the project teams. The current Expert Panel members are Cloda Jenkins, Mick McAteer, Helen Undy and Suzanne Rab. Read more about our Expert Panel here.


Over the past three years we have developed a number of internal networks that foster links across our members and provide input into our projects and work programme. Read more about our networks.