Celebrating 10 Years: A Special Event at the House of Commons

The 19th of March marked the UKRN 10 Year Anniversary event which was held in the House of Commons. Our 10-year event was a testament to our members founding or new, staff members past & present and to the power of collaboration in our industry.

Our event achieved three aims:

  • We celebrated our past and present successes through the launch of our 10-year brochure: UKRN 10 Year Anniversary | UKRN: the UK Regulators Network
  • We launched five new documents which outline the future of UKRN. These documents include our multi-year strategy,  If you’d like to learn more or read those documents, you will find them here: UKRN Strategy 2024-27 | UKRN: the UK Regulators Network
  • We heard about the benefits and challenges of regulation whilst considering the future and celebrating UKRN’s successes and evolution over our 10 years through our speakers on the night: Chris Hemsley (UKRN CEO), Charles Randell CBE, Lord Johnson CBE and Kate Jones

The atmosphere was simply electric as representatives from our members and industry bodies & distinguished supporters of UKRN came together to mark our anniversary.

A highlight of our event was the launch of our new strategy and other documents that showcase the journey that UKRN will undertake over the coming years. Launched by Chris Hemsley, our CEO, it was a significant moment to be able to showcase the six key objectives that are important to both us and our members.

  1. Promoting collaboration
  2. Supporting the Net Zero Transition
  3. Addressing vulnerability
  4. Supporting sustainable economic growth and resilience
  5. Championing effective regulation and telling our story
  6. Making regulation an attractive choice

But perhaps the most poignant moment of the night were our speakers.

  • Lord Dominic Johnson CBE spoke about the value and challenges of regulation whilst praising all regulators for the significant role that they play.
  • Whereas Charles Randell CBE challenged us to consider a world without regulation and stressed the importance of collaboration both now and in the future.
  • Kate Jones looked to the future and shared as we look to 2034, where she perceived the world of regulation to be viewing – overwhelmingly, the role that both DRCF and UKRN play will be momentous.
  • Finally, Chris Hemsley spoke about our evolution and growth as not just an organisation but in our relevance to Government and the wider industry.

‘UKRN is of such an importance now but will continue to be pivatol as we look to the future’: Government official

As the event drew to a close, there was a sense of optimism in the future of regulation and renewed commitment to the mission of UKRN. Whilst our purpose remains the same, with new and existing challenges on the horizon and opportunities to seize, UKRN is determined to continue to make a difference in many more years to come!