Jonathan Oxley appointed Chief Executive of UK Regulators Network

Published: 14th December 2018

Jonathan Oxley, Competition Group Director and an Executive Board Member at Ofcom, has been appointed the new Chief Executive (formerly known as Chair) of the UK Regulators Network (UKRN).

UKRN brings together 11 regulators from the UK’s utility, financial and transport sectors.[1] The network fosters close working relationships between member regulators to enhance investment and efficiency for the benefit of consumers in the UK.

Jonathan Oxley, the new UKRN Chief Executive.

Jonathan joined Ofcom in 2014 as Group Director for Competition and was appointed to the Ofcom Board in December 2014. Before joining Ofcom, Jonathan was a Partner in PwC’s Strategy and Economics practice, specialising in telecoms, media and technology. He is currently Ofcom’s UKRN representative and brings a range of insight and experience to the role.

Jonathan Oxley said:

The UK’s regulated sectors are facing a range of challenges, from helping to transform the UK’s infrastructure, to ensuring that all consumers – especially vulnerable consumers – get a fair deal. It’s therefore essential that regulators work together to achieve these shared goals.

“I look forward to building on the fantastic work the UKRN has done to promote collaboration between regulators to ensure all consumers get the best out of their regulated services.

Jonathan’s new role will run concurrently with his position at Ofcom.


  1. UKRN is comprised of the following organisations: