Published 11th November, 2022

The UKRN recently held a Joint Parliamentary Event at Westminster where we spent a week with a range of our members talking to parliamentarians.

As part of this work, we produced a series of booklets, the following ones give an overview of the UKRN, our members and the collaborative work that we undertake in our networks.

UK Regulators’ Network Introduction Booklet


Attricia Archer (UKRN Director)

The UK Regulators’ Network brings member regulators together for the benefit of consumers and the economy. The UKRN is funded by 13 regulator members and is staffed by a small central office who are either seconded from or have previously worked for UKRN regulator members.

The main purpose of the team is to facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practice across members. We look for issues and topics where UKRN can enable collaboration across our members and understand common challenges. We work closely with government departments such as BEIS, HMT and Cabinet Office to develop cross-sector approaches to drive improvements and better outcomes for consumers.

To engage members and encourage sharing of best practice and networking, we facilitate a number of professional networks. These networks offer our members a space to share lessons learnt, discuss common challenges and find opportunities for alignment and potential projects.

The following booklet sets out how the UKRN and its members carries out this work.

UK Regulators’ Network Collaboration Booklet


Attricia Archer (UKRN Director)

At the heart of everything we do is the passion to deliver excellence through collaboration and the UK Regulators’ Network brings together 13 member regulators for the benefit of consumers and the economy. Working closely with government to develop cross-sector approaches, we drive improvements for better outcomes for consumers through collaboration on common challenges by sharing shared expertise.

Our strategy sets an objective to facilitate cooperation and communication between our members, to promote better outcomes for consumers and the economy.  This objective reflects the significant and strategic role of the UKRN as well as the breadth of our impact, capitalising on the benefits that our members value the most from being a part of the Network.  In 2021 we introduced a multi-year workplan that sets our path for the next three years and reflects the evolution of our strategic priorities and the associated ‘themes’ identified to deliver on these objectives.

We facilitate network groups, which foster links across our members and provide expert input into our projects and strategic focus areas. The following booklet sets out the work of each of the networks.