Driving Fair Outcomes for Vulnerable Consumers across UK Markets: Report

The 10 February event focused on how data and research has been and can be used to improve outcomes for consumers in vulnerable circumstances.

A varied agenda shone light on the good work being done to support consumers in vulnerable circumstances, both in terms of research studies and practical solutions. The agenda also provided for some challenging Q&A sessions and the sharing of different perspectives. In combination with the Insight and Case Studies handout, the event’s objective to improve understanding of how outcomes can be improved through the use of data and research was achieved.

The event was a strong demonstration of UKRN-led collaboration, bringing together over 120 delegates from a range of sectors and backgrounds, including representatives from regulators, industry, government, consumers groups and academia. The UKRN was able to facilitate working across UK markets and enable the sharing of experience and insight. The UKRN will continue to support cross-sector working and help to connect people within the vulnerability space.

Insight gained on the day and from the pre-event survey will be invaluable in helping the UKRN to achieve its aims, particularly in relation to its planned research. The event also helped to highlight the work and purpose of the UKRN itself.

Published: 2nd March 2020