Performance Scorecards

The UKRN, with the FCA, Ofcom, Ofgem, Ofwat and the Consumer Council for Water, have been working together to develop a set of performance scorecards to measure the customer experience across key sectors.

Today’s publication, Moving forward together, brings together these scorecards from all four sectors. Each regulator has also published their template, plus links to more detailed analysis, on their websites.

Transparent, high quality performance information is an important tool for identifying where consumers are being well-served and where performance needs to improve. Jonathan Oxley, CEO of the UKRN, said:

“Understanding the experience of consumers across our sectors is a vital part of improving consumer outcomes. I am delighted at the ways in which our members have worked together, building on their extensive sectoral knowledge to create shared insight. I hope this project helps consumer groups and other interested parties recognise where consumer needs can be best served.”

Ensuring regulators work together to measure and improve the consumer experience across our sectors is also a priority for government. Consumer Minister Kelly Tolhurst said:

“Performance scorecards will be a welcome step for customers: providing them with trusted, impartial information to compare how well companies deliver for their customers. This will help people make an informed judgement about who should provide them their water, telecoms, energy and essential financial services – but it will also incentivise companies to improve their performance to attract customers and beat their competition. I will continue to work with the UK Regulators Network and regulators to expand the information available in the scorecards.”

UKRN members, including the regulators involved in this project, will continue to work together to improve outcomes for consumers.

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Published: 9th January 2020