UKRN Annual Report and 2020/21 Work Plan

The UKRN has published its Annual Report and Workplan for 2020/21 in which we set out what we achieved in the last year and how we will build on this to improve outcomes for consumers and the economy across the sectors our members regulate.

The UKRN brings together regulators to collaborate to improve outcomes for consumers and the economy. In 2019-20 we increased our capacity, working with our members on a range of issues across infrastructure investment, data sharing and support for vulnerable consumers. Our Annual Report sets out some of the things we achieved in that year. In 2020/21, we will build on this, with a focus on three priority areas:

  1. Collaboration on infrastructure and investment;
  2. Using data to support consumers in vulnerable circumstances;
  3. Working better together.

The ongoing issues surrounding COVID-19 are having a profound impact on the consumers and citizens we serve, on our members, and the sectors we regulate.

In turn this is likely to change the timing and focus for some of our current projects, as well as necessitating new projects. We will be keeping our workplan under review and be ready to respond to events.

While timescales and details of our work may change, we still expect the priority areas we have identified to remain relevant. At this time of national crisis, collaboration between our members on the issues facing the sectors they regulate is more important than ever.


Published: 15th April 2020