UKRN Workplan 2023

Published: 31 March 2023

The UKRN’s Workplan 2023 sets-out our approach for the last year of our original three-year workplan. We highlight what we plan to deliver to achieve excellence through collaboration. Our intention is that the main document and supporting documents explain, for our members and stakeholders, our planned work over financial year 2023/2024.

In coming to the end of our first multi-year workplan we build on our Annual Review 2022 to consider the extent to which we have done and what we said we would do. This will ensure that – in setting the path for the final year – we explain how we have re-prioritised, changed focus, and why. Our guiding principle is that UKRN should focus on those things only the UKRN can do, in order that we get the most from our limited resources.

The core strategic priorities in our three-year workplan, set out in 2021, are:

  1. Improving outcomes for consumers in vulnerable circumstances or with additional needs.
  2. Adapting our regulatory approach where appropriate to support the innovation and investment necessary for economic recovery, resilience and growth; and
  3. Strengthening joint regulatory capabilities to meet shared current and future challenges.

These were developed during the Covid pandemic and before the war in Ukraine. They remain relevant and have been delivered against, although the delivery of these has evolved through our yearly plans.

This evolution has been guided by a review in 2022 of UKRN’s governance structure and purpose, in response to those external challenges. Although our governance review was internally focused, the separate document is relevant as it sets the context for the final year of our workplan, and our preparations for our next multi-year Business Plan.

In Section 2 we review some of the key themes that we are facing as we move into 2023. We demonstrate how we will respond through our Network activities and scoping new areas of work. This shows how we are dynamic in our response, but remain aligned with our strategic priorities and best add-value over the final year of our workplan.

Section 3 sets-out how we plan to develop our next multi-year Business Plan, which will start in 2024.

Main Document

Supporting Documents

Our Network plans for 2023

UKRN’s Governance – How we operate

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2023