Rachel Fletcher to become UKRN CEO; Regulator of Social Housing joins UKRN membership

Published: 16th June 2020

Rachel Fletcher to succeed Jonathan Oxley as CEO of UKRN

UKRN to appoint a Chair from its members

Regulator of Social Housing joins UKRN membership

The UKRN (UK Regulators Network) are delighted to announce that Rachel Fletcher, CEO of Ofwat, will succeed Jonathan Oxley when he stands down from UKRN at the end of June 2020.

The UKRN CEO is rotated among the full members and, on their behalf, provides oversight and leadership of the work of the UKRN.

UKRN members have also decided to appoint a Chair of UKRN, drawn from the full members, to enhance cross-sector collaboration and challenge to the Executive Team. The current Chair of the Chairs’ Network group is willing take this on until his term ends early in 2021.

Jonathan Oxley, Competition Director and recently acting CEO at Ofcom, took up the UKRN role in December 2018.

Jonathan said:

“I am very proud of what we have built at UKRN. Against a challenging political and economic backdrop, and most recently the COVID-19 crisis, we have built strong foundations and collaboration on key issues for consumers. I know Rachel, Attricia and the UKRN team, and the members will continue to work together in support of this and wish them all the best.”

Jonson Cox on behalf of the Chairs of UKRN members said :

“Jonathan has provided strong leadership for the UKRN during a particularly challenging political period. On behalf of all members, I would like to extend our thanks to Jonathan for his contribution to the development of UKRN and the leadership he has provided.”

Rachel Fletcher, CEO of Ofwat and UKRN, said:

“At this time, collaboration between our members on the issues facing the sectors they regulate is more important than ever. The current crisis is likely to have an on-going impact on consumers, companies and public policy in our sectors. In the next year we will increase our focus on identifying the needs of consumers in vulnerable circumstances, and then on investment in critical infrastructure as the economy recovers. We welcome the Regulator of Social Housing, who are active in protecting residents of social housing in both regards, as a member of UKRN. ”

Rachel has been CEO of Ofwat since January 2018, and before that was Senior Partner for Consumers and Competition at Ofgem.

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has also joined UKRN as a full member from June 2020.

The UKRN has today announced that Regulator of Social Housing has joined the network as a full member.

This move will support the diverse expertise of the UKRN. The addition of the Regulator of Social Housing will assist the ongoing work of the UKRN and its members on vulnerability, Net Zero and infrastructure by bringing perspectives and knowledge from the social housing sector.

Jonathan Oxley, CEO of UKRN, said:

“We welcome and look forward to working with the Regulator of Social Housing”

Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of the Regulator of Social Housing said:

“We are pleased to be joining the UK Regulators Network and look forward to supporting and learning from the work that the Network and its members do”.

About UKRN

The UK Regulators Network (UKRN) brings together regulators to collaborate to improve outcomes for consumers and the economy. Established in 2014, the network works together to share knowledge, explore cross cutting issues and build better ways of working. Our member regulators cover a wide range of sectors and issues, including transport, energy, water, communications and financial services.

More information on UKRN, its members and its workplan are available at:  https://www.ukrn.org.uk/.