UKRN and GIIA joint web event on UK Regulation

Published: 25th September 2020

On Wednesday 23 September  UKRN held a joint webinar with the Global Infrastructure Investor Association (GIIA) on the role of Regulation in the UK. The 90 minute web session featured contributions from UKRN Member Regulators, Investors and Citizens Advice. The panel featured constructive discussion on a variety of challenges facing regulation and investment. Topics covered in the session included;

  • Discussion on the role regulators, regulated companies, consumers and investors have in stimulating new investment in the short term to support economic recovery in the wake of Covid-19.
  • The roles played by various UK regulatory and governmental bodies.
  • How successful regulators have been at pushing companies to find different ways to consult with customers.
  • Where the “pendulum” currently sits between investors and customers and how can the interests of investors and consumers be aligned.
  • How regulators are factoring in a path to Net Zero by 2050 as part of their price control decisions.
  • How consumers can feel the benefits of the increased proliferation of data while ensuring vulnerable consumers are protected.
  • How we can enable greater transparency between regulators and investors.

UKRN would like to thank GIIA for partnering with us and for hosting the event. We would also like to thank the panelists for their participation and those in attendance.