UKRN interns out and about in London, with recent visits to Ofwat and Ofcom

Published: 8th July 2024

It has been a very busy first few weeks for Rafia, Jack and Oliver, as they commence their internship with us.

And without stealing their thunder (they will be writing our August newsletter), here is an insight into two of their recent regulator visits.

They joined Ofcom‘s current cohort of 25 interns in their first week, for a very positive and engaging session.

The Ofcom interns also got the opportunity to hear from Kev Smith, who delivered an overview of UKRN and our priorities.

The UKRN interns also spent a very busy and interesting day with Ofwat, hosted in their Canary Wharf office, when they learnt about regulating water and wastewater services both now and in the future.

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