UKRN publishes a report on the extent of and opportunities for Infrastructure Data Sharing in the transport, telecom, energy and water sectors

Published: 12th September 2019

Data is transforming the way infrastructure companies work and has become a new asset to manage that underpins every sector. Sharing data within sectors, and between sectors, is essential for ensuring we have well-performing infrastructure that meets people’s needs, as well as having the potential to generate significant economic benefits.

The UKRN, working with consultants Black & Veatch, has published a report on the extent of infrastructure data sharing currently taking place across the transport, water, energy and telecoms sectors; the role of the regulators; and potential barriers inhibiting the progress of sharing data.

The report was developed through a series of interactive sessions and discussions with representatives from infrastructure companies, government and regulators. It confirms that there is already much exciting activity in this area, and a growing industry commitment to share data.

The report also identifies some key developments that contributors believe will drive positive change and create better collaborative working environments throughout the infrastructure industry:

·     Regulatory support and guidance on data, including best practice guidelines;

·     A common data standard, definitions and shared framework;

·     A central data portal that holds the ‘what, where and who’ for all assets in the infrastructure industry; and

·     Organisational ownership, culture change and targets on data sharing.