We have published the UKRN’s Forward Work Programme for 2018/19

Published: 25th May 2018

Since its inception, in 2014, the UKRN has been focused on strengthening the relationships between its members. Its new strategy, which came in effect in April 2017, is designed to promote the role and value of economic regulation and encourage cross-sector collaboration and information exchange to the benefit of consumers and the economy.

Our work programme for 2018/19 builds upon the UKRN’s strategy to propose a challenging portfolio, driven by the priorities and issues that members are facing within their own organisations and the challenges that innovation, data and technology are bringing to markets.

The work focuses on four cross-cutting themes – innovation-friendly regulation, promoting resilient sectors, consumer fairness and better ways of working – to build on our past work and continue to further our understanding of consumers and markets in our sectors, ensuring that we face challenges together and consistently.

We look forward to another year of successful collaboration between our members and our stakeholders.

You can download our Forward Work Programme for 2018/19 here.