UKRN Strategy 2024-27, Annual Delivery Plan 2024-25 & Annual Review 2023-24

Published: 20th March 2024

UKRN is delighted to publish today it’s new three-year Strategy for 2024-27.

This sets-out our purpose, core objectives and the outcomes we are seeking to achieve through collaborating as a community of regulators.

This is the second three-year Strategy for URKN and sees a renewed commitment from all of our members to support UKRN in helping to collectively rise to shared challenges – to be more than the sum of its parts. Our Strategy sets out our response through 6 core objectives (see Section 6 for more detail):

  1. Promoting collaboration
  2. Supporting the Net Zero transition
  3. Addressing vulnerability
  4. Supporting sustainable economic growth and resilience
  5. Championing effective regulation and telling our story
  6. Making regulation an attractive career choice

Alongside the Strategy we also publish the Annual Delivery Plan running from April 2024 to March 2025 and our Annual Review looking back at 2023-24.

In these publications we set out the outputs and activities we seek to deliver over the first year of the Strategy within the Annual Delivery Plan, and through the Annual Review we look back and review UKRN’s performance over the final year of our first Strategy.

A final thanks to our members, and external stakeholders for their continued support and engagement in the drafting of these exciting new strategic plans for UKRN.

All documents are available to download below:

Other supporting documents: